Monday, September 20, 2010

you can tell im trying hard NOT to do my work

Check out what I ripped from Applied Machete. Ol' Rich thinks like me... but i'm sure he knows where his tools are in what drawer... Me, I just guess (works everytime 60% of the time)

It might be just me, but........

I was cruising around on the 'net, and I saw this press release for "Z-calz" . They're these decals (for $29.99 for a set of 70), or magnetic plaques ($39.99 for an equal assortment) that you stick on the drawers of your tool box, so you can find your tools.

I'm thinking if you can't remember what drawer you put what tool in, so you can retrieve it, you quite possibly shouldn't be working on anything mechanical to begin with.

I think a better choice of spending $39.99 would be to head down to The Vitamin Cottage at the mall, buy a bottle of ginko baloba, take a couple, then walk down a little further to Sears, and buy more tools with what's left over.

That is, if you can remember where the mall is..........

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