Monday, November 29, 2010

Today's Lesson

at 5:42 in the clip, the exhaust pipes are on the wrong sides of the bikes. and you thought you'd seen it all.

BMC Wheel covers.

Test fit the rippled wheel covers I got from Teach tonight.

My fingers hurt.

Oh yeah well now your backs gonna hurt...

Got two of my lids redone over the weekend.

New toy.

Picked up a Hobart Handler 140 on Friday...Black Friday is for the fuckin birds.

There's more

Oh yes.


This picture of Warren is just too fucking cool!

Double backflipping

Watch for Levi to set a new world distance record on new years eve. Do minnesota proud!

I only have one question...

Who's comin with me man???????????

What a fucking night. Well. Steve Mcqueen's got the IDEA

Jaguar XKSS and Lotus 11.. The man had taste, indeed.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


The first picture is one of my sportster heads I did last winter. A lot of welding to get that chamber shape. Then tonight I came across pictures of the Buell XBRR heads which are some of the most advanced 2valve vtwin heads I've seen. Wish they bolted onto my XL but at $4800 for just the heads it looks like I'd still be making my own. lol



If you see this bike...

I would probably not fuck with it on the street. This guy was an engineer for S & S which is in our backyard basically. 124ci, runs consistent low 9s, and street driven. Oh yeah and its for sale for a cool 16k right now on ebay.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fur Coat

it's cold out.


The owner of this bike entered the "Pro Class" at the 2008 Arlen Ness show. When he got there I helped him unload it out of his truck and showed him were to place his bike. He didn't realize what the "Pro Class" was, and then questioned if it belonged. I convinced him to leave it alone and placed it right on the corner. It was built by a guy that worked for Arlen, who was present at the show, and told us all about the bike. Very Cool.

Win This Car!


The young and the restless

It's a young Pat Lehmann, stylin the split mushroom DO.
I told you Pat, I had snapped a sick pic while at your parents for Thanksgiving, and it wasn't of the Mikuni flatslide..

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Winter is definetely upon us here in MN. Before long the ice will cover lakes, and the sound of 2strokes will pierce the artic silence. Music to my ears! But I still hate winter.

TSA Bullshit

wonder what they'd do if you dropped your pants, whipped your dick it their face and asked them if they needed to see anything else? These clowns need to fuck off!

Give Thanks

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lotsa viewers not enough commenters.

I'm not disappointed, I am actually impressed! Keep lookin at our shit and don't comment.

edit: Not enough period correct shit or what?

This is my scene

saw this on ChopperDave's Blog. SO FUNNY!!!! you dig?


There is nothing that I like more than humongous BIG ASS TITTIES!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Remember, slow down when Roads are icy.

Lost a friend today Ben Dirckx. Got hit by a Semi in his Explorer.

Give thanks for your good health. Don't forget it's a calculated risk walking out your front door.

Hold Tight