Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Museum!

We hit up the Harley museum before we went over to the show. Most of us hadn't been there before. 
That day, Saturday, was like holy shit motorcycle overload blow your fucking mind day. 
The history, the bikes, pictures, stories, videos, Josh's exhibit!  WOW!
Then to go over to the Mama Tried show.   I don't even know what to say.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Show

The venue was on the 3rd floor of this old abandoned building and it couldn't have been better.
Plenty of space. The natural lighting throughout the day was constantly changing, making the paint jobs POP and the chrome glisten.

They needed the space too because the line of people buying tickets never stopped all day!

It was cool to see some of the BUILD bikes that Warren does with the high school kids.
I do a cylinder head for them every year.

Bill Rodencals '39 WLDD was there and it's the only other one I've got to see in person. Our Vin #s are 22 apart, makes you wonder how many days apart they went together? I never did get to pick Bill's brain about their history but I'm sure he knows a lot about it. We'll meet again I'm sure.

These bikes were sweet!

I hadn't seen either of these bikes before in person.
It's really great to kneel on the floor and see all the details.

Noots pan is looking better than ever. Excited to hear his new engine run.
PS found a big bruise on my arm when I got home and the only thing I can think of is maybe it was Noots monster grip as he threw me out of the HD cafe. Hahahahaha. We had fun!

They didn't run out of beer at Mama Tried!

Baas family photo session. Such nice people!

This Kmodel dragster was probably the closest thing you could get to "riding an engine"
I wonder how light it was? Aluminum frame!

I hadn't seen Dave's flathead in person but it is just as nice as all the pictures you've seen of it.
Very cool. The polished fins, WOW. and the paint!

I didn't take any pictures at the Show Class party but it was pretty intense! My dad said it was just like parties used to be back in the day.
Jam Packed, So Loud and So Rowdy! My ears are still ringing.

This picture about sums it up. Most fun you could have without riding a motorcycle!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mama Tried

Mother Nature tried too, but she couldn't stop us from making Milwaukee. It started snowing Thursday night into Friday, leaving us with over a foot of wet heavy snow and ice. The temps dropped and the wind picked up drifting roadways entirely shut. My dad plowed snow for 10 hours to get out.

Friday nights Dice magazine party was at the Harley museum bar/cafe. I had never read their mag before, but it seems pretty good. 

We got there early and I finally got to see Warrens flathead racer in person. Noot built the bottomend and I did the topend/ flowbench work. It's really a neat bike in person!

The place filled up fast and you would think Milwaukee of all places wouldn't run out of beer? We found more though.

If you ever run into Whitey and Rich, you can bet they'll want to take a picture and give you a hug. 

My dad was pretty wound when I went to pick him up. He was worried my mom would get stranded in the country without power. Blizzards can turn serious real quick & I damn near had to tie him up to get him in the car. It all worked out though and we had a ball.

Rich asking this guy where he buys his suits?

It sure felt good to stretch our legs. We walked miles over the course of the weekend.

3am Ham n Eggs

Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Notch..

Teaching the kids how to use our new equipment. All we need is a bender now!!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sweat it Right Sweat it TIGHT...

Been doing some home improvement today (tackling the honey-do list). Fucked around with getting the right shit for plumbing in the water supply to the fridge for water and ice (for my whiskey waters, DEAN). Put it together with thread tape and the fucker leaked.... So I soldered it all RIGHT...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sun even shines on a dogs ass

Once in awhile. We had over 30 people play horseshoes today in Hammond. Everybody was in such a great mood. It's really been a long winter and it felt good to get out and see everyone. The coldest beer, biggest hugs, & fastest snowmobiles! Hammond, MN

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Special Thanks

To everyone that had anything to do with the bike show! If you made it I hope you had a great time, got a firm handshake, caught up with old friends, made new ones, shared a laugh, found that special little part and picked your favorite bike. 

On a special note, JohnBoy and myself took our bikes out for a ride after the show. Not just up the street either but a couple mile jaunt around town. It was really fun, sun shining, tires spinning, engines revving, people staring. Roads covered in snow. It was like the icing on the cake. Literally.

I didn't take many pics and didn't take any while the show was really in "full swing". It was a great turnout!