Sunday, August 29, 2010


Pat: look at these.

I went racing this weekend, so i didn't make it to the ROD show. HEY, if I don't go rippin down the strip, I'll do it on the street and 400$ to johnny law aint the kinda ticket I wanna pay for the ride.

Blew the Motor and got to swap in a new one..

Me making my BILLY (SCRATCH MY CD) Face..

1939 Harley Flathead Burnout

Labor Day Weekend...

After the show yesterday I am jacked on getting my truck done. Think I will check out the Minneapolis Messaround next Sunday.

End of Summer...

Rods and Customs was a great time and was all about quality not quantity. 364 days until the next one...time to get the truck ready!

Thanks Norman!

We headed to wisconsin this morning and somewhere along the line my generator stopped charging the battery leaving us swatting bugs in the little ass town of Cream. After about 20 minutes of looking for human life we rustled up an old timer who was happy to lend a hand and shoot the breeze. Things happened at a slower pace there and it was nice. see you in CHURCH.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Too Much Power?

Jake dropped the hammer on his hot 110" today and the clutch stopped working. Pulled the cover and found the clutch basket grenaded. Busted one of the steels and shot it out of the clutch pack. Looks like it's time for a badass Barnett lockup unit!
I enjoy the last pic because the cops cars are always behind this bike and they are always pissed when they show up to the harley shop a couple minutes after jake got there because they couldnt keep up and didnt get an accurate speed reading.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Live Animals

Birds of a feather fly together. Not often you get two triumphs together in this neck of the woods. Burnouts, Slow Races, and Beer. That's why we're here!
Thanks for the visit Dan!

Special Delivery!

There is a package in the mail containing some fresh shovel heads ready for some action! Sorry for the delay sergio! now get to work!!!!

CHOPOUT Midwest 2010 ~ be part of a chopper documentary

Chopout 2010

There is a possibility there could actually be a sick ride close to home and two events in a row that could be epic in September.

Check out Speed Club and click the Chopout graphic on the side of the page...


check that shit out!


Lets Party!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

this train is kinda rollin

Need a new rear tube and the little liner that goes over the nipple indents. kinda blew my tube out! Also burned in a new set of gussets on the rear sear stay.

Back Together

Put the 39 back together tonight. A few loose ends yet but soon it will be my main mode of transport again. A phantom vibration has been haunting my sportster. I have a feeling the flywheels are on their way out from all the abuse. I'm pissed and excited at the same time. I've been missing the old girl!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


For sale is this recently finished SR500. I have about 200 miles on it since I completed it. The bike is a perfect runner and goes down the road perfectly. 70 miles per hour on the highway is smooth. I bought this bike about 6 months ago and built it to what you see today. I have all pics of the bike under construction. Bike has an original 26,000 miles on it, although I took the speedo off when I built it. It comes with the bike. Bike has no battery and runs off a capacitor. Makes for a clean look. K&N intake. Brand new Fireston ANS tires ($330 new) Biltwell tracker handlebars. Custom headlight. Early 70s Yamaha GT 80 dirt bike tank. Bike can do about 60-70 miles on a full tank of gas. $2,000.....It RIPS! BUY IT!

Can't See Shit!

Didn't take many pictures this morning because the fog was so thick. Visited the dead, raced a train up the river, and stopped for one break in the fog to the most amazing views. Too bad my camera sucks dick. see you in CHURCH.