Monday, July 27, 2015

Full Tilt Boogie

Party Pack
Noots Pan at 70+ the whole way
Shea's warm KC welcome
The tacos weren't pink, but still good
Ralph keepin it classy
Robbie got rear-ended in California, got his bike back to North Dakota, and rebuilt the whole ass end just to make Full Tilt!

Steve celebrating life
Kenny's Cocaine Rodeo 
The neighbors called the cops
Shea kicking his ass off, Lil Kahuna playing air guitar on his knees. 15 choppers revving their engines at the gas station!

I always get pretty excited for the Full Tilt Show. It's not often I ride into big cities, so it really gets my blood flowing, jamming through all that traffic. The show and people are always real colorful & nice. It's like everything & everybody you want to see just shows up. It was a pretty wild time!