Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well I started asking around at work about anyone that wanted to sell some shit. Low and behold this guy I never talk to has all this treasure at his place. Guy is a die hard old school biker too...good shit. I bought this treat of a bike and bought a 1992 Dakota while I was there to haul it home. Fucker is cherry and it says Squeaky on the hood. Bought a snowblower while I was at it and spotted a few items for my next trip out. Might take Pat to see this guys 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak on Saturday to see if he wants to scoop it up. Pat you down??

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Handlebars For Sale!

Up for sale is this set of bars off my 09 sportster.
The sale includes the bars, switch housings with internal wiring and plugs, Performance Machine contour grips with BRAND NEW renthal rubber, and a Joker Machine bar-end mirror. These are plug and play. Just bolt up your clutch and brake. Stock throttle cables reach and I will give you the lengths you need for clutch and brake line.

I built these bars myself after buying both the short and tall RSD handlebars. I wanted that style handlebar but didnt like the feel of either RSD bar, got fed up and built my own. A lot of time was spent machining, fitup, chamfering passages for the wiring, tig welding, powder coating,etc.

roughly 12" tall. 7" center to center. 26" end to end.
These bars have a real good feel. The only reason I am selling them is because I am going with a different style/theme for the bike.

stock switchhousings are $230 each side. PM grips $100. Jocker machine mirror $120. That leaves -$80 for the bars, powdercoated gloss black, and internal wired. $600 shipped is my asking price.

Email me with any further questions.


Since 1935.

fuck. got pussy on the brain

and thats not the problem. hahaha

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flood Run Pt. Deux

Hard to believe the shit mother nature can do in a short period of time. You could not capture the intensity of the river in these pictures. Made for a hell of a ride though! Sorry we missed everyone at DBX3, but it would have been a long journey for us considering the gremlins that continue to chase the Flatty...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The REAL Flood Run

The ground in each of these pictures was under water lastnight. Cops and national guard wouldn't let us into the flooded cities for fear we were going to steal shit or drown. The river was up over 30Ft in places leaving many locals homeless.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Look. Then back up.

My dad was running a backroad today and came up behind a roadgrader. Without looking it started backing up fast and ran over his bike. He is fast to react and I'm surprised he even got in this situation. Needless to say he was pissed.

One more thing

Are these pipes brushed stainless or nickle plated. Nickle plating looks really good btw.ripped from the JJ. yup name droppin'

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yeah if there was a GOD of TIME..

I'd be writing blank checks to him.

I had to present today at the ribbon cutting for our new emissions lab.
I have to put my turbo Nissan motor back together if I wanna go anywhere (mainly to see Pat's new boy when he arrives)
I have to put the shovel on the backburner for the meanwhile, which pisses me off more than the above two (eventhough I love working on my car). Good thing Bentley has the right idea^^^^^^^^^^^ Time to knock the fuck out!


Dan @ John's Electric in Viola,MN fixed my generator for $10. Got the camchest back together. Just need to set Ign timing and slip the pipe on. DBX3 here we come! on a side note it looks like there might be a couple more mph in this thing with some smaller jets!?!?!?!


More like jetski night around here!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can anyone ID this bike.

I remember seeing it for sale on Ebay a whiiiile back, but never saved any other pictures of it or any other info. I was diggin the chick, but now am interested in the C/F seat that was on it.

Lesson #2

When pulling cam cover, try to keep all cams installed in the engine case. Now I get to reset cam timing, valve lash and ignition timing when I reinstall the generator. Fucking pain in my ASS!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Today's Lesson

Found a problem with my generator today. Fixed it, felt confident my charging problems were a thing of the past only to bang my head against the wall once more. I'll be a generator expert when I'm done though. Stay tuned!

you can tell im trying hard NOT to do my work

Check out what I ripped from Applied Machete. Ol' Rich thinks like me... but i'm sure he knows where his tools are in what drawer... Me, I just guess (works everytime 60% of the time)

It might be just me, but........

I was cruising around on the 'net, and I saw this press release for "Z-calz" . They're these decals (for $29.99 for a set of 70), or magnetic plaques ($39.99 for an equal assortment) that you stick on the drawers of your tool box, so you can find your tools.

I'm thinking if you can't remember what drawer you put what tool in, so you can retrieve it, you quite possibly shouldn't be working on anything mechanical to begin with.

I think a better choice of spending $39.99 would be to head down to The Vitamin Cottage at the mall, buy a bottle of ginko baloba, take a couple, then walk down a little further to Sears, and buy more tools with what's left over.

That is, if you can remember where the mall is..........

School's got me stressin

So I resort to do things that take that edge off. Like work on machines. Cuz all that paper and pencil pushin aint making things roll any faster...

New rubber isolators thanks to Rogers infinite NOS parts stash. YFY

Sunday, September 19, 2010

well heres a shot of the driveline issue

I call it swappp...
it means get one out and put in another...


Good time at the track today. Jake had the fastest bagger with 12.3x's @ 109mph. It was his first time ever on a drag strip. The jap bikes are always moving and some were running deep in the 8's @ 170+

You think the flood run was fun....

Got the bottom end of the shovel buttoned up. Realized I want to run new rocker arms. The ones I have aren't up to par with the rest of the parts I have in this mill. My combustion chambers are both about 156cc's so they both match up pretty dead nuts. Next time, were going to throw the stroker plates on and bolt it all up and CC the heads at TDC to get our volume and play with the stroker plates for desired compression.

After all of this successful engine building, I hop in the car and start on my 1.50hr drive to mankato. Spot a pretty sweet VW rabbit with a huge turbo on it. I continue on my cruise when I feel the car shudder a bit.... Downshifting and upshifting as I merged from 494W onto 169S I heard a clatter and the cluch pedal goes dead. I make it through shakopee and once it turns into a 55mph heading towards the light, i go to shift and the pedal is gone.. I hit the hazards, pull off and the car stalls... I wait for everyone to go past me, and i stuff it in second and turn the key with the pedal WOT.... HAHAHAHAHAHA IT WORKED. Luckily the worst was yet to come. I made it ALLLLL the way down to st. peter and the clatter is just deafening, while hoping to not get stuck at one light. make it all the way onto 14w then riverfront and I see the fuzz... I stop got no gears, kick the clutch hard as fuck and throw it in second.. I pull onto river front and as I'm getting up to speed, I feel like the bellhousing is gonna shoot something out.. Low and behold whatever shot out hit my undecarriage ike 5 times and rocketed back wards. 3 blocks from my house. clutches are over rated, right PAT? Now me and the mad scientist have to tear apart the block and.... I cant wait for broad daylight to see the carnage. So far, it looks like the turbo motor is going together tomorrow and getting dropped in sometime this week.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


what a day! broken down, outta gas, hauling ass, beer drinking, good friends, rediculous.

Friday, September 17, 2010


39 is buttoned up. Hope UPS gets here early with my regulator. Ready to drink beer and watch people tip their baggers over coming out of maiden rock!


Picked and packed these this morning.

Had to let them cool off before handling them. CALIENTE!!!

Happy Friday

See you around!

Satin Black

Been lookin for sometime to work on my machine. Found some. Saturday will re-start engine work @ Knucklehead Cycles. Gonna rebuild the rocker arms and finish the oil pump/cam chest/figure out how thick im gonna need my stroker plates/cc the heads/crunch the numbers for my desired CR. Hopefully SOON I'll be in the final stretch. OK Pictures (I forgot to snap a pic of the trees and engine guard (black too).