Monday, September 6, 2010

I'll cut your MF'ing throat if you don't ride a HArley

Interesting night for me at the local lesbian/biker watering hole in mankato. AKA CHOPPERS.
There was some grey beard standing at the bar harassing everyone and pounding fists with me everychance he had. I asked him what his deal was and he said his first bike was an 83 shovelhead and after 23 years of riding HARD, his old lady ran off with the bike... SO he hasn't ridden one since. A friend of a friend told him, "you can get any other bike you want!"...... BAD NEWS> Cuz DICK DICKIE(grey beard) said, "If you don't ride a Harley, I'll cut your throat and I DONT CARE!!!!!" hahahahahah here's a picture of the wretch. ride HARD, DICK!


JB said...

Damn hope he does not check the blog and see my JapSingle...better watch my throat!

Dan Born said...

Next time your in my home town of kato, check out Midtown Tavern on Riverfront. Usually bikes parked in back, and more low key from all that stupid shit downtown.