Saturday, March 30, 2013

Start seeing motorcyclist stickers...

... are bullshit if you throw lit cigarettes at the motorcyclist behind you, idiot....

Riding in the city is a pain in the ass. Too many old people and too many dumbasses on their phones. I feel like its time to carry a traffic cop.

Nevermind. Here's our progress so far on the racecar. I just made and welded in the a-pillar gussets. Justin made the dash bar and seat mounts. Close!!!

She's Spinnin'

My Dad, Throck & I spent the day getting my rotating assembly rotating!
All the valvetrain is assembled, tappets & camshaft installed.
The main & rod bearing clearances are on the nuts. This thing should really run nice!
*Note how the piston is .015" out of the block. I machined .050" off the block to get the piston to head clearance tighter. This also "sunk" the valve deeper in the block, so I machined little shims to go under the valve springs for the correct installed height.
The valve lash isn't adjusted yet in the last picture.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Summers you wish never ended.

We had such good tans!

Need a front brake to ride around here

The saga. I cannot believe what I got into. What is this shit coming out of my caliper?? Really!! The easy out was lodged in there?! No wonder I couldn't drillerhole. Not from the front or the back. There's no good way to hold this thing down. LAME. I GOT CRAZY W THE MILL..... PICS to follow.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Donnie Smith 2013

Working at a bike shop I always get to hear it the next day,
"That show sucked, same shit, so lame, big wheel baggers, not going next year, blah,blah,blah."
I don't know if our culture has become so desensitized that people can walk through the RiverCenter & not take anything positive away from it??
Holy Shit! You mean you didn't notice some of the rarest bikes,
some of the best talent (local & far, alive & dead),
a good swap meet &
some of the coolest people??
Jordan & I B-lined straight for the swap meet. I scored a stock CV carb for $50 & of course left a few parts lay that I wish I now had.

I couldn't help but take a picture of this beauty. Can you imagine rounding the cows up on this!
Jason Schulberg got it running & it looks untouched!

 Chad Pearson built this Great Panhead.

The engine on Polgreens shovel is just beautiful.

I always enjoy looking at bikes by the El Forestero's.

Thanks for letting me sleep on your floor Teach!
I got to meet Bob Seeger at Kevins party. He brought a load of bikes from New York, including some of Larry's bikes. It was really cool to see these in person.

Theres So Much more that I didnt take pictures of.
If you haven't gone, you should.
Unless you are have seen it all, done it all, and know it all.

Flyin now

The kids pulled together and finished this bi-plane! It came out SWEET!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

You Follow..

Where this is goin??

I've got another carb coming this week, and I'll start machining the flange tomorrow. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Best Burgers, Party, Friends, and Times

Well I hadn't really planned on making Kevin Baas's friday night party before the
Donnie Smith show, but at the last minute it sounded like a good idea.
Jordan had us stop at this little burger joint that is worth the drive from nearly any distance. 
The party was a real treat and it was so nice to catch up with friends & meet new ones.



 Louis is an original Flying Dutchman from New Ulm & claims to
"have had more fun than any of you ever could." & you know I kinda believe him!
They have 2 flat track races a year & a hillclimb the end of August.

One a special note, John Hove rode his shovelhead over 100 miles to the party. 
Totally Awesome!!

If you don't know what the weather is like here in MN, it looks something like this!
Stay Tuned for some Bike Show Pics!