Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Noot Says,

"Well sir I know you've owned this since you were 16, but I'd trade you this Hamms beer for it. 
It's cold & I just opened it."
 "Hmm this thing fits me just right!"
"How do I look?? Sweet huh??"

"Alright lets BURN RUBBER!"

"Wheew that thing is a RUSH"

"Whoever steals this baby will run out of oil before they get outta town"
"You know those Panheads are kinda fun, not like a Sportster, but worth a Hamms anyday!"

All joking aside Noot brought his Panhead to the show & boy is it NICE. 
Lots of hard work & attention to detail.
Beautiful Bike.
Good Job Noot & Lil' Joe!


WhitelinePsycho said...

Bike's gorgeous, Noot's . . . errrr, interesting ?

pat said...

Noot is awesome. End of story. Kind of rowdy when he gets into skyways though.

Knucklenutz said...

I enjoyed meeting you Noot. The Leo that I referred to in our conversation was Leo Hess of Full Blast Engineering in Sioux Falls, SD., not Leo Payne.

Johnboy@ChopKo said...

Noot was great to chat with and that pan is fuckin sweet !

Noot said...

I need a haircut and a shave...and need to lose that next 5 lbs to ride that sucker !

Mr. G said...

Holy NOOT. Your new chin looks BAD ASS!! Bike looks just as sweet too!