Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Best Burgers, Party, Friends, and Times

Well I hadn't really planned on making Kevin Baas's friday night party before the
Donnie Smith show, but at the last minute it sounded like a good idea.
Jordan had us stop at this little burger joint that is worth the drive from nearly any distance. 
The party was a real treat and it was so nice to catch up with friends & meet new ones.



 Louis is an original Flying Dutchman from New Ulm & claims to
"have had more fun than any of you ever could." & you know I kinda believe him!
They have 2 flat track races a year & a hillclimb the end of August.

One a special note, John Hove rode his shovelhead over 100 miles to the party. 
Totally Awesome!!

If you don't know what the weather is like here in MN, it looks something like this!
Stay Tuned for some Bike Show Pics!


Hux said...

Wiederholts across the street makes a legendary steak..2 killer spots within 5o feet of each other in a town of 100. Americana at its best.

pat said...

Yah I saw that place! Have to try it out!

Knucklenutz said...

I was unable to make the Donnie Smith Show....... Waiting your images and text.