Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stolen from Quad Cam Bastards. Thought it was important.

Union-Busting, Profit-Mongering Jackass CEO Keith Wandell drives HD further into the ground:

In what appears to be a clear attempt at a union-busting shakedown, Harley Davidson's fearless leader and his merry men on the executive board are now threatening to move production out of the company's hometown of Milwaukee if "labor costs" cannot be brought down. HD public-relations has already floated the idea of moving bike production offshore - to their new "target market" India. Will Mumbai be the new Milwaukee?

Typical corporate profit-before-people bullshit. HD's line workers - the people who BUILD the bikes - AMERICANS - 1,630 of them- are going home to their families every night not knowing how much longer they will be able to put food on the table while Mr. Wandell rakes in massive piles of "executive compensation" for himself.

Let's review Mr. Wandell's performance last year, compared to his financial compensation for said performance:

The company ended the fourth quarter with a loss of $218.7 million, its first quarterly loss in 16 years. In addition, management spearheaded a slashing strategy which included massive employee layoffs, closing of factories, negotiated union concessions under the threat of plant re-location and shuttered or sold unwanted brands.

And for this stellar executive performance....

The board delivered a pay package to Mr. Wandell with a base salary of $650,025 from his start date and he received a bonus of $780,030 and stock and option awards valued at $4.9 million at the time they were issued. He also received other compensation worth $22,515, which includes a cash payment of $19,733 instead of perquisites. In total it was valued at $6.4M.

Here’s how it broke down:

Compensation for 2009
Salary $650,025.00
Bonus $780,030.00
Restricted stock awards $2,858,007.00
All other compensation $22,515.00
Option awards $ $2,053,002.00

Total Compensation $6,363,579.00

"Hurry up and take the damn picture so I can put my suit back on and get back to assessing my capital gains!"

Has HD corporate mentioned cutting labor costs at the TOP? No. Keith's Kooks aren't going to quit until HD is dead. And once they kill it, watch them bail out with their golden parachutes and find a new corporation to hijack and plunder.

This shit makes me fucking sick. Spread the word.

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JB said...

I hope it was this fuckstick that dropped his bike in the lot at the stealership on Saturday. I wouldnt be surprised if these dudes get jumped out in Sturgis this week...good thing they are traveling with cops. FTF