Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mama Tried

Mother Nature tried too, but she couldn't stop us from making Milwaukee. It started snowing Thursday night into Friday, leaving us with over a foot of wet heavy snow and ice. The temps dropped and the wind picked up drifting roadways entirely shut. My dad plowed snow for 10 hours to get out.

Friday nights Dice magazine party was at the Harley museum bar/cafe. I had never read their mag before, but it seems pretty good. 

We got there early and I finally got to see Warrens flathead racer in person. Noot built the bottomend and I did the topend/ flowbench work. It's really a neat bike in person!

The place filled up fast and you would think Milwaukee of all places wouldn't run out of beer? We found more though.

If you ever run into Whitey and Rich, you can bet they'll want to take a picture and give you a hug. 

My dad was pretty wound when I went to pick him up. He was worried my mom would get stranded in the country without power. Blizzards can turn serious real quick & I damn near had to tie him up to get him in the car. It all worked out though and we had a ball.

Rich asking this guy where he buys his suits?

It sure felt good to stretch our legs. We walked miles over the course of the weekend.

3am Ham n Eggs


Mamma said...

Your Mamma is glad you all made it! Thanks for showin' your Dad a good time! He hadn't seen anything like that since the '60s,Keeps a Person Young☺

Sergio Gamarra said...

I should have gone, but at the same time I was able to get caught up with all my bureaucratic school paper work bullshit. Miss you all! We'll be hanging together soon enough though.