Thursday, November 11, 2010

Race Suit

My friend had this suit he bought back in the day. He never fit into it or wore it and I dont think it has even been raced in or rode in.
The jacket is size 46 and the pants are size 40. I am 5'10" 175lbs and the length is about right but the midsection is too big for me.
It should fit someone 5'10" to 6' and probably 220-250lbs? or whatever weight it takes to get a 40 waist. I am about a 33waist. Anyways he is looking to get $200 for it. MINT Condition, manufactured by ProSport Leather. Hit me up if you are interested.


BonerDonor said...

Jesus Pat!! You modeling now?! I got a couple old T-shirts you gotta help me push!! DUDE let me try that thing on and it'll sell like hot cakes!!

pat said...

they fit 6'2" 220lbs pretty good