Monday, April 8, 2013

Where is Spring?

It just will not warm up here in the frigid north. We spend all winter counting the days but I don't even know what to countdown to anymore? May? More snow in the forecast this week.

The first barge pushed its way north today through Lake City, which I am told is 3 weeks later than normal and 7 weeks behind last winter.

I have taken the Yamaha out a few times now and I remember why I missed my last SR500...this thing pulls hard. Working out a couple bugs but so far nothing major.


Noot said...

Ebay 360438818621 with a Mega Cycle Cam 251-62 and clean up the ports with your new Mikuni and you'd better zip tie your mitts to the grips !

JB said...

I gotta build one motor at a time. Trying to round up all the parts for my FI Sportster. Thanks for the knowledge...or should I say "Nootledge"

Mr. G said...

nootledge... I think it will stick!