Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Long Road Home

On the way back from Born Free3 we were really hauling ass. Coming through Colorado we got stuck in this heavy downpour. We pulled under an overpass to wait it out. When I started my bike & pulled back into interstate traffic there was this snapping noise,
almost like a leaking headgasket?
When I cracked on it, the engine must have warmed up enough(expanded) to seal the gasket, but when we stopped for some food, the engine cooled off. Sure thing, blown gasket.
So I ripped it apart on the spot only to find the cylinder studs were pulling out of the cases.
Unable to repair it without pulling the engine, & out of time to fix it, I was done.
Luke Waters from Iowa picked my bike up for me on his way through & I am forever thankful.

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Mr. G said...

Adventure time.... It coulda been worse. Doug coulda kept it hostage!!