Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grounds Thawin', Let's Get Shovelin'

We've been building an 87inch stroker Shovelhead for my dad. 
Noots(Sr & Jr) been working on the LowerEnd(Check it out Here). 
 I've been chipping away at the heads.
The seats had been cut multiple times, leaving them sunk.  I figured since I was going to be fixing everything, I might as well fix the intake ports being too large right above the valve seat. 
Welded both heads up, remachined the counterbores and drove the new seats in.

Now I have a nice multi-angle valvejob, correct installed height/valve protrusion, valve to valve clearance and most importantly, a port the flows properly.
Otherwise you end up grinding the valve seat way too big to blend it into the port or leaving a huge step in the port(both hurting airflow).
We are going to run a S&S .514" camshaft in this engine.
I'll get you some more fancy pics as we get further along!

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Nice work mate, it is possible to polish a turd.