Monday, October 1, 2012

No Show

Man we just had a fucking BLAST saturday night. Idk if anybody took pictures after the sun went down but thats when shit hit the fans(Sergio knows). Once the party in Millville started to wind down a little we hauled ass up to Hammond & danced until the band wouldn't play anymore. Blastin that river road under the moonlight on the '39 was really a treat. It sounded like Davenport going into the corner, all those Harleys in that valley. Noot & Cheryl joined us for awhile & John Hove even made it north of the Iowa border. Tough shit if you missed it, we had FUN!


JB said...

Bummed I missed it. Dont rub it in. One more week of this shit and I am going to get back at it. Stoked to see it was a good time.

Mr. G said...

LOOKS like those warm days are still with you for just a few. I wish I was there to hang with everyone and to see the look on the faces of those FANS!!