Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"He'd rather pay the ticket than buy the tabs"

I had the pleasure of running into Julie saturday night in Hammond. Over a beer & dancing she mentioned that Jerry's 77 FLH hadn't ran in 11 years. Jerry had gotten it running the day before he passed away. So lastnight we showed up at her place with all the stuff to make it happen. Couple hours later we were riding around the farm. Her two sons, Shawn & Chris, were there to see it all happen. Yesterday was a REAL SPECIAL DAY!


Mr. G said...

Pat, that is amazing work. Always gotta do things because they feel right. Someone was telling me about that bike and it being for sale or something. Your tools went in the mail Saturday morning. THANKS AGAIN HOMBRE!

JB said...

Too cool man, I bet Jerry was smiling down on this one!