Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I welded up Sergio's head tonight for his shovel. One of the heads had a bigger intake seat installed and by the time I machined it out the counterbore was getting close to the plug holes. I didnt want it to crack between the seat and plug, so I will be using a smaller seat on both heads. I've really been dropping the ball on this project and it bothers me because I want to see Sergio standing on the kicker of this stroker shovel. So expect rapid progress!


BonerDonor said...

you dropping the ball?! NO WAY! IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! Talk about bringing these early castings back from the dead. Pat. See you this weekend, where you will teach me a little about aluminum welding! lol

pat said...

if you want bring some scrap alum and i'll put on a little seminar. lol