Monday, July 19, 2010

Chicago. Solo.

Headed to Chicago last week for 5 days to see my old man and my sister. Typically I take the interstate down just to make good time. I took the back roads down and went without directions. Saw some EPIC shit and wished I had some of boys there to see it as well.

The roads had some great shit to see but my god that shit aged my back by a few years. Ride that shit on a rigid and a steel pan and you will realize that Obama could create a few jobs and fix some fuckin roads around this country.

Followed the Great River Road for a hundred miles or so. Cut into IL and had lunch in Galena, what a badass town. There was a get together for an Austin Healey group going on. There must have been 100 of these fuckers runnin around town.

Headed back yesterday and made good time. Got back in time to see some random shit in small town America. Gotta love rollin into town to see your boys and watch Pat win a burnout contest. If you get free tires...I mean fuck why not?