Sunday, February 10, 2013

HP is in the Heads, Revisited

At the time I posted about these cylinder heads there was some interest in what the power output was going to be. I was waiting for the tins to come back from paint, but I finally got the bike on the roller awhile back.

Ported the heads for the 95" listed below.
Every set I do is by hand & tailored to the combination.
No CNC, hogged out, everyone gets the same thing, cookie cutter, polished to the max, oversprung, high lift gains only, unknown chamber size combinations here.
All pretty basic mild stuff but with a lot of tricks for this engine.
I dont know if I would want to do a set every day, but it is kind of fun to watch them take shape, go home at the end of the day with dirty hands & aluminum chips in your pockets.
In anticipation for when it goes on the dyno & makes good power.

 I'm fairly happy with the outcome, although it could have been better if some other things in the combination were different. The exhaust isn't ideal, but it's what the guy had & he likes that look/sound. I left the compression really mild (9.5:1) so there may have been a little more there too.
Either way, its going to run real nice!
 The guy is 72 years old & this is his little bar bike/chopper. You can see what it makes over a 88" with air cleaner, exhaust & tuner.  Also what it would make on a DynoJet if you're all about racing dyno numbers.

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