Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HP is in the Heads!

Ported the heads for the 95" listed below. 
Every set I do is by hand & tailored to the combination.
No CNC, hogged out, everyone gets the same thing, cookie cutter, polished to the max, oversprung, high lift gains only, unknown chamber size combinations here.
 All pretty basic mild stuff but with a lot of tricks for this engine.
I dont know if I would want to do a set every day, but it is kind of fun to watch them take shape, go home at the end of the day with dirty hands & aluminum chips in your pockets.
In anticipation for when it goes on the dyno & makes good power.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Damn sexy stuff !!

Hux said...


Any type of educated guess before the trial run on numbers?

pat said...

It will be really interesting to see. Usually something like this makes around 95Tq/90Hp.
This particular bike has a questionable exhaust (1.75" drag pipe) so we'll see how it turns out. I'll make a post about it when its done. The owner of the bike is 71 years old & just put a 8" over front end on it, its a dyna. He used to have a panhead chopper, & has been riding for like 50 years. haha
The engine is pretty mild. 95" flattop pistons, 203 cams with 1.725 rockers, ported heads. Should be up 30+ tq & hp though, and have no problems shredding the rear tire if he wants.

Mr. G said...

gotta mourn the little bit of rubber that gets thrashed in the hands of a madman with more JUICE.

Knucklenutz said...

Not completely sure " JUICE" is exclusive territory Sergio. You know what they say about Old Age & Treachery.