Friday, November 2, 2012

Flathead Fever!!

John "Aint Greazy" Endrizzi sent me these photos of his flathead Ford that he's been working on for over a year. This outta Stoke your fire Sergio. Have you hugged a Flathead today??


Mr. G said...

Life is not fair.... AIN'T GREAZY, your car is perfect! The front beam with the big drums is so PERFECT (that'll have to do).

Knucklenutz said...

Not quite a year yet Pat. I actually drove the car home a couple days before Thanksgiving. The Kingpins were so bad that I couldn't go over 20 mph,. Since then I have re-built the front end including the F-1 brakes. I finished boxing the frame. I'm in the process of replacing the Model A steering box with an F-1 unit. I picked up a set of 1935 16 inch Ford wire wheels and blasted & powder-coated them.They will be shod with the big & little bias ply tires in the images. Due to the fact that I Ain't Greazy the nearly perfect body will get a paint job. Right now a wood working buddy is helping me replace all the structural reinforcing wood in the body. The formerly canvas covered center section in the top will have a snap down removable Naugahyde tarp installed. A wish and a prayer might get it on the ground by next Fall !