Friday, March 30, 2012

Pushrod Tech

At least once a month somebody comes in asking how to adjust their pushrods. On late model Harleys the lifter has about .200" travel. So what I do is get the cam on the base circle(lifter down), adjust the pushrod so it is snug between the lifter and rocker arm cup. Now put your jam nut up against the pushrod and start lengthening making sure the jam nut travels with the threaded portion of the pushrod. A gap develops, keep lengthening until you can slip a 6R12 spark plug strap thru the gap. You just went .105" deep in the lifter. Tighten your jam nut and wait for the lifter to bleed until you can spin the pushrod with your finger. Now move to the next. This way you dont have to worry about "whos brand" pushrod you are using and what threads per inch they are.

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WhitelinePsycho said...

I totally dig being informed and learning stuff, thanks.