Friday, March 9, 2012

Courtney's First Time

No videos here virtual leg humpers. Courtney has been on me for a couple of summers that she wanted to learn to ride and have her own bike. I have too much shit going on as it is, so whats one more project. What I planned to be a quick turnaround has turned into more as it always does. I picked up this 75 CB360 from a guy for a $150. He said it ran and I called bullshit. He said it had been sitting in a barn basically since 1980, moved around a few times.

After looking at it I did not doubt him on the 30 year hibernation. I said if you can get it to turn over I'll give you $150 for it. He threw a jump pack on it, sprayed some ether in the carbs and grabbed his screw driver...fuckin bang things starts right up. I was pretty impressed as I figured I would just be driving back home. So loaded it up and got it home. The project snowballed this week and here it is Friday and I am bare frame. We will see how this all goes. Court wants to get her hands on it and I cant say no, so it should be a fun little project together with low cost.


pat said...

play together, stay together!! have fun you guys!

pat said...

and i want a video.