Monday, September 19, 2011

Wheelie Good Time!

Well the bikes only race was a wash but we did get about an hour of good weather & made 7 passes each. It was a first for both Jake and I running on the slicks. Jake got it sorted out fairly quick & ran 11.9x's on the last four passes. I on the other hand never did get consistant. Went 12.07, 12.17,12.21,12.61,12.90, 13.0 &13.1. Not in that order though. lol. We did have the best fan base there, THANK YOU ALL THAT CAME! and we got to hang with John Endrezzi all day which was neat! Also Jake put the hurt on that hyabusa, at least for the first 60 feet!!


BonerDonor said...

Wheres the 12oclock bar when u need it?! Ever have the bike up that far b4?

Knucklenutz said...

It was great to have met and hung with you and Jake. Hopefully we can line with old bike at next years Bikes Only meet at Rock Falls. I'm excited about coming over to work with you on Friday. See you then