Sunday, September 4, 2011

Davenport 2011

Getting ready to go. Raining already.

100 miles in, all rain, but we didnt get hit by any trees, so no worries.

We stopped at this little bar. They fed us and dried our clothes!
We finally make it! Noot set up a tent for us, showed us all around, treated us like family and is really a class act. THANKS NOOT!

Indian motorcycle gang.

Handshifters getting ready to HIT IT!

My dad and I had a great time! The best birthday gift a guy could ask for!

You've gotta get right down on the fence and soak in the races. Too cool to describe in words, just go check one out for yourself!

After the races Noot took us out to some local places.

My dream bike? Well one of them maybe.

There are just too many cool bikes at Davenport to capture them all in one picture. This was the most I could get in one. The rarest stuff you have ever seem is commonplace here. Very cool!

Shelter from the storm
Longing for warmth and dry clothes. We kept smiling though. We really had a great trip!


JB said...

man I am glad you got another camera! Are you that picture taking guy that rides that chopper? Might be the best trip I have been on.

Scrambler said...

Way to go guys! Sounds like a trip you'll never forget.

BonerDonor said...

Was it your birthday Pat?! I never remember what day it lands on until I realize it probably passed. Aug 30th? Looks like u had a great time. Rain only stops stopping fast, but why stop.