Saturday, September 24, 2011

She Really Gets Me High!

John brought "Black Betty" his supercharged 90" knuckle by to dial in the baseline tune-up. This winter he is gonna up the boost and really make those pans and shovels shudder! Then we were off to the races to see who gets to talk the most shit around the shop all winter. Looks like its gonna be Jake running 11.77 to my 11.86, besting Lukes and Bob's 12.30's with their 103" baggers. Although the slicks put Jake and me on the trailer early, after destroying belts and tranny parts. But we got those slips, faster than the last, and we got our fix for this week.


Knucklenutz said...

Pat, Not an I told ya so....... but you can rest assured that the next time Black Betty sits on your Dyno, she'll have a chain in place of the rear belt. Thanks for having me !

Noot said...

That knuckle is rad - I dig the backrest ! You guys all run hard.