Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Less Cam, Same Power!

Went from a Woods .630" to a Zippers .567". The cams have almost identical timing though, so its no big surprise the powerband is simular. Low-end feels a little softer, probably due to less compression. I think the heads are flowing a touch better but didnt have time to test them.

On late model sportsters torque your pinion nut to 70ft/lbs and use green loctite. I think this is what caused my problems, because stock tq spec is 35-40 ft/lbs. This allowed the pinion gear to spin on the shaft.


JB said...

Good to hear that noisy sum bitch is back on the road!

BonerDonor said...

lol! PERFECT.. two different cams, both haul ass.. ahh