Monday, June 6, 2011

Knuckle Shuffle 2011

What a fuckin weekend! Sheep tied up in the road, amish people everywhere, blown out rear tire, free PBR, met a lot of cool ass people, popped my knucklehead cherry for 100 miles, sunburnt as fuck, 500 miles of sick riding, Teach's open house was killer, I could go on for days! To my brother Pat, I owe you a solid for saving my ass and getting my bike home. Thanks buddy!

Sorry for the shitty phone pics...hopefully I can link up a few of the better ones

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pat said...

bummed that i missed out on this. born free better be fucking sweet with hipsters, wassel tanks and period correctness because i have been putting all my eggs in that basket. lol. i dont care because the ride is what it is all about and i know that will be awesome!