Monday, April 4, 2011

Well earned weekend

This weekend wasn't too bad. Got to cruise up to Knucklhead Cycle to get some more work done on my Shovelhead. My trip up was interesting since I had told my friend Bill I'd stop in at Sportwheelies ( So I did. It was nice enough to be out in a T-shirt, and muddy enough to get the ol' shit kickers kickin'. needless to say I felt like i was 17 again exploring a junk yard of treasures that is more fitting to my interests as of late, motorcycles. I immediately found the only two harley stashes, which were thoroughly picked through, but found a load of nice shouldered aluminum wheels. too bad I already got the cure for my wheel itch. Then I found the chopper shack, with all sorts of cool as chopper goodies. I wasn't there to purchase, I was just there to check it all out. Maybe pick something up next time I head up that way. (pitchfork sissy-bar/skinny high back K&Q seat).... What a good time, but the fun ended up happening at Knucklhead. When I got there It was time to get to work... I hand lapped my jugs, using a TROCK CYCLES lapping thingamajigger. Then cleaned up the surfaces a bit since my powdercoating job didn't turn out so well (must preheat cast iron before powdercoating)..Masked everything off and started to spraypaint. All the while, Roger and I were drinkin a few beers. Took the edge off and made me forget what I was doing there other than having a great time with my good friend Roger. We started to spray down the cylinder heads and ran outta paint, so we cracked open a few more. Then we got a polished-on-the-outside sportster to run and I snapped a sweet little video. Check it out. in the pics you'll see an amen savior cb750 plunger, then some radical molded 2 stroke 3cyl kawi chopper, then a 33 ford, then a nice acura(pat likes rice), and then the sportster Drag Specialties put together as their cover bike. Oh hey Pat, my car still has throcks art work on it. Very abstract, yet VERY noticeable. LOL. Sorry for the huge pictures. Someone fix that for me THANKS!!


JB said...

Sergio your pics were all jacked and would not load...had to delete them. Too much open space taken up, the story of this great country we call home.

BonerDonor said...

LOL DAMNIT!! IDK how to make em work well..

pat said...

damn i need to check this place out!!!!! JDM front like woah!