Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well its time to cut the B/S Serge. Time isnt slowing down and this good weather will only be here till September. U need to ride your bike. Finish it. Good thing I've got friends that treat me like family. The Lehmann's always open their doors too me, and now my chopper. It's like going to church on a Saturday. Got a ton done; its what happens when you put a couple GO-Getters on the job. Don't think, just chop. Oh and stay away from them cowboys.

Pat's been choppin since he was a baby. True to HD.

Filler on, old filler covered up, spigot on, bottom tank mounts fabbed up and welded on. Tank bottom tacked to top and sittin pretty on that shaved neck.

This is the end of the day, tank all tacked and oil ball needs rear mount put on.

Mickey mouse tabs. BREW.

Relocating the filler cap.


Tedd and Pat choppin shit up!

Tank bottom, weld it up PAT!

Cut off them dashboard mounts. Smooth the entire thing up and file a dong into the deal.

Pat will weld aluminum and steel all within like 5 minutes of each other!

Piston from hell.... It says it right on there.

Kids joined the chop fest!

Before I embarked, I had to load it onto a cart...

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