Thursday, April 7, 2011


Shit Of The Week! Apparently 60 degrees was the magic number when everyone else remembered they had a bike, because holy shit has it been a ZOO at the shop!


BonerDonor said...

diggin that shovel with the bus riders. That digger a 45 magnum? and that honda tank paint is done with saran wrap, i think.

pat said...

the HD add is pretty cool. i hope they are still more concerned with the basic relationship and not just the bottom line. i think the digger is an early ironhead. the honda paint looks a lot like magic dip, where you put paint on water and dip the part. really popular with guitars and stuff. when jake bought the paint to do some magic dip on his bike the company selling it didnt know of anyone that had used it on a bike or car.... so anyone else out there know of a scoot with some magic dip paint?????