Sunday, February 20, 2011

Officially have a way to get to the RHD Chopper Show.

I was worried I would have to borrow a car or bum a ride to the RHD chopper show.. Well I decided to do something other than get laid this weekend. Got a buncha shit done on my to-do list and got the sweet little audi running and safe enough to make a trip out east (Plainview). I filled up the tank which took up to 16.8 gallons (not counting what was in it already), and started driving towards PV while live-tuning the VE table. Kinda tricky to do while you drive, but you can easily commit up and down to your index and middle finger as you drive and watch the wideband display. The map was way off: GO FUCKING FIGURE. I had to stop a few times to adjust and add fuel everywhere, but I was able to take the little red audi 100miles round trip for the first time in 4 years. No overheating issues, and a stable lean cruise. BLAHBLAHBITYBLAHBLAH, I decided not to push my luck (laptop battery was on its way), turned around and it got me back home without a stutter. Gonna drive this thing to school all week and get it tuned better. It will be at the RHD show.. Now all I gotta do is insure it.


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Drove it around in the snow all day... Couldnt get it stuck.......... !! I'll see u there!