Wednesday, February 9, 2011


16 days to complete this bike. Going to wire it through the frame. Everything is disassembled. Doing it all at night. If they can do it on tv, why can't I?


JB said...

And I thought I had my work cut out for me! Let me know if I can help man!

BReiter said...

That is about 14 days to long...hhaha....keep us posted...and i cant wait to see the bike when it is finished..Goodluck

BonerDonor said...

put down the beer DOCH-SIR-VTEC!! you will make it to the show... I WONT haha. but im making slow progress. getting used to getting in the lab early and getting to work on it at night too. lotsa little details being figured out. you watch and wait. let me know if you need a hand before the show!