Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let me have it.

Well fuckers here it is. Let me have it. See you bitches on Saturday!


BReiter said...

Dude..all i can say is wow...nice work...where do you come up with these ideas. Great work man
See you this weekend.

BonerDonor said...

See your welder is working out for you!?!! And your painter killed it with the lines. SICK. See you SOON. Good luck in the snow!

pat said...

looks fuckin sweet!

urbanbiker said...

Can't wait for the show... mines next!

JB said...

Reiter...there is nothing too revolutionary on the bike, but it turned out like I had pictured it in my head when I started.

Sergio...gas made a huge difference, the welder is pretty forgiving.

Thanks Brotha! and thanks for lending the hand this weekend Nate...I appreciate it!