Monday, October 6, 2014

Knuck Putt 2014

I was really looking forward to this years Knuck Putt. We tried to intercept them last year but we never crossed paths. Dean and I boogied up to Prescott, and then we headed south to the Nauti Hog, down thru Bay City to Maiden Rock. Jim Snow had this road he wanted to take us on down there. So we hang a left down this gravel road & came upon the sportsmen having a trap shoot with an amazing chicken dinner. We mounted up and took off back down the gravel. Jim had warned us we'd be crossing the creek 4 times on this road. MAN WHAT A BLAST!! I was leading and hit the first crossing about 25mph. The water must have shot 8ft in the air on both sides!!! You should have seen those old bikes forging the stream. Water flying, steam rollin, everyone laughing and smiling. It was just like you'd imagine these bikes went through 75 years ago. We headed back north for a final beer in RedWing then parted ways. It was really a neat day!


Mr. G said...

Pans can come too...
Maybe a flathead..

Looks like you fit right in with your chopper.

Mr. G said...