Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hometown Heroes

Mikey, Rich & the boys fought the fire until more help arrived, ultimately saving the building from what could have been a total loss!

MILLVILLE — Quick action from brave bystanders helped mitigate the damage from a weekend fire at the American Legion Post in Millville, according to Post Commander Richard Grobe. Grobe said that people playing horseshoes near the building leapt into action Saturday evening when they saw smoke billowing out of the building's vents. Many people helped break in the back door, briefly battling the flames while others recovered casket flags that had been donated to the post by families who had lost veterans. All 25 flags were recovered, along with other mementoes from inside. No one was injured."Those are casket flags that are put in the case holders on display," Grobe said. "It's quite an honor that they're hanging on our wall — the families donated those because they're a veteran and everything. You have to realize the important of those things." Grobe said the building sustained significant damage. The state fire marshal's office has been called, but Grobe said the fire appears to have started from an electrical issue.

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