Sunday, May 19, 2013

Conesville, IA

We really had a good time running the 1/8" mile at Conesville! 
Lots of passes, smiles, & laughs. 
Luke went 7.1x @100, jake went 7.29@97 and I went 7.55@95. 
I made the final only to break out. Jake broke out on his first pass by in competition(7.29 on a 7.30 index)
Luke drew the fastest guy in his class first pass and got beat on the tree. We had fun though and you can bet we'll be back!


Knucklenutz said...

Tell us about the dual carb Knucklehead.

pat said...

Well John I never did talk to the owner but it seemed to run very well. The guys go by the name of "Assholes Garage". I should have asked some questions.

Knucklenutz said...

I looked it up and the bike is 114 inches. Here is their web site :