Saturday, April 28, 2012


Well let's see what's going on here. Finally got the machines wired up for inspection. Temporarily, but it is great to have them working. Only snapped a video of the mill because it was the first thing running. Need belt guards, mill vise, lubes for the head, new belt for the z-axis servo and something to mill into!! The lathe is spinning too, but I kinda let the saddle/apron run too far right, jammed it up at the end of the feed screws, but didnt fuck anything up. I thought it had a safety stop... The lathe needs a THOROUGH cleaning and greasing, but the ways are in beautiful condition. The mill was just CREAMPUFF to begin with because it came out of an R&D lab.. TITS UP SKYHIGH


WhitelinePsycho said...

Man, it's always a blast checkin the Donor Dudes, cool post, great work.

pat said...

good to hear sergio. get those kids to work!!!

Mr. G said...

Thanks guys. I'm workin on finishing up the year strong, so well see what we crank out.