Sunday, April 29, 2012

HELP! Fuck Thieves!

A few months ago I posted about Rudy Calin from There are not many guys out there nicer than this guy. Rudy called me last week when I was gone and said someone broke into his garage at night at stole his bike. Its a 2000 FLSTC. If anyone knows anything about this call Rudy at 651-233-6655. I have a VIN number for the bike if you have any possible leads. Help this guy get his bike back. Bike was stolen from the Forest Lake area.


pat said...

hope he finds them! did he put them up on craiglist or anything? i know he said he was looking to sell the sportster maybe? its got to be somebody who got his info online or was at his place.

JB said...

No he said he did not put them on Craigslist, but he does have his budiness advertised on there. The Sportster was untouched. Unfortunately Craigslist flags ads for stolen items so he cant really post there.

pat said...

the engine and trans are really only useful for somebody with a softail since it is a B motor. the rest of the stuff would probably only sell online. so if he could keep an eye out.