Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Yesterday Pat and Throck and my cousin Nate made a road trip to the cities to visit Rudy Calin from Rebuiltmags.com Rudy is an old tractor guy and thats where he learned to rebuild Magnetos. He learned from Neil Yerigan, who was well known in the Twin Cities for his electronics knowledge. Rudy works out of his small shop and probably had 3-400 magnetos on the shelves in various stages of rebuild. He does amazing work and showed us some neat shit. If any of you guys need work done make sure you give Rudy a call, more than fair prices.


Association of Independent Riders said...

Hey, do you guys know about the shop in Racine. They are pretty good experts also and they are just past Stewartville. Colin

pat said...

nah i didnt know about them. whats it called??

Association of Independent Riders said...

Ae electronics I think. They are in Racine at the stop sign turn left go one block