Friday, November 25, 2011

Born Free 3

The day of the show we woke early in this ditch just over 200 miles away. We had already gone 1700 in 2.25days, so no biggie. We were gunning hard to make it there on time with no idea what roads we needed to take once we got close to the show. An old gentleman at breakfast drew us a map on a napkin. Somehow we beat nearly everyone there. I laid on the grass expecting droves of bikers to roll in with all their belongings strapped to their bikes, weathered from the road, glory shining on their face, but very few did. Most came in freshly showered, clean clothes, chrome shining, bike so clean they must have come from down the street or on a trailer. I kept thinking...where are the bugs, the dirt, the oil, your tools, your shit?? Are we the only ones that didn't plan anything other than to make it here?

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