Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1 together, 1 apart

Got this other 106" all together. Just waiting on some cables so I can get it on the rollers. Tman 555 cam with ported heads, 1.900 & 1.610 valves. Should make nice power. Also tore down the '39 today to find the mystery tick it developed on the Davenport trip. I decided to make it my winter project. Go through it and do a little nicer job on the fabrication and change up a few things. Maybe make it a little more period correct so when I ride it to all the shows the hipsters give me more props. lol.


Mr. G said...

Oh shit. Period correctness here we come. I never knew you were going to take it to such extremes. JUST THINK OF ALL THE MORNING DEW IT'LL SCORE YA!! Better chrome your everything.

Mr. G said...

Plus that front end's not cool. Go ahead and plop it on my chop since its not cool anyways :)

Noot said...

Period Correct is workin' on the '39 in the back wood shed with a dirt floor (at the very least)