Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ok, been a few restless days tearing into my to-do list. Totally neglecting my actual work; we'll see when the boss catches on...

First, I soda blasted the squared oil bag, and then started to cut out the shitty battery-box thing some hippie had tried welding in.

Then I took the frame outside and soda blasted it clean too.. VERY NICE

Here's what it looks like as I mock up the cast floorboard tabs for welding.

At night I tore off the rear subframe out of the below car.... Now i just gotta clean it up and swap it into the newer one.. Hopefully this weekend.

No suspension, wiring harness, tail lights, speakers, steering wheel, interior, and the motor/trans is comming out this weekend. I want my turbo motor back!

Today I rebuilt the 1972 rear juice drum brake and hub with new hardware and bearings. I also treated some rust that was inside the rim and painted it black. No detailed pictures, I was hard at work.

Then I built up the nerve to start welding on my narrowed sporty tank.. Not too bad considering I just learned how to TIG.

Finally, A mock up of what I've been doing while avoiding my work this week. I swear I'll get it done tonight (my work that is). The tank wont be sitting that high or forward, its the only way i got it to stay for a picture.


pat said...

sergio you are the shit!! miss you!

BonerDonor said...

Miss you too pat!

JB said...

that last pic got the hair on my neck to stand up. I can see it now Sergio. Lookin good man...cant wait to ride!