Thursday, June 17, 2010

Midnight Oil

Well shit. I spent all of Wednesday, Wednesday night, and Thursday wee hours of the morning working on putting together my stroker 1973 shovel bottom end. It's got all of the goodies and has come together very nicely. Unfortunately my oil pump was binding up and I didn't bring my lifter blocks with. Oh yeah and somewhere along the line we made a mis-calc and now have tooooo much piston popping up out of the bore. Time to CNC some stroker plates! Enjoy the pictures. I am posting up a TON!

Pat Warmed up the burnout box.

Sits flat on the Jig Table

Lookin like a yuppie here PAT

All the necessary measurments


New 240.

Slug is in awaiting rosette weld.
Pulling the frame together

Rosette welds

Part of the fixture I used to keep the bottom of the hardtail put while I tacked it.

These stand-off's worked great, they kept the frame flat and still.

Tacked and straight

Tacked. You can see the fixtures here.

This is what it all looked like once I took the frame off of the fixture.

Old 240, getting ready to swap into the new one.

More tack welds.

Done here.

It was interesting welding the cast frame piece to the mild steel weld on hard tail gusset. The cast needed a bit more heat to get started,

Donny Smith had to make this bike rideable for OCC.

Left case and bearings pressed on.

Top view.

Checking rods for straightness before tweaking them.

Bolting it all together and torquing it to specs.

One jug and the KB piston.

Cool or what?

Rebuilding Harley Rods

all black

Glyptol inside the cases and on the wheels to help keep oil drag down.

Wire wheeled cleaned B4 powdercoating.

Oxidized aluminum looks eh.

Tearing it down and getting ready to spend money.

Oh God, money pit.

Looser than a wizards sleeve.

Come a long ways
Roger's 105 inch knuck. Its comming back pretty soon in a different version.

Blue printing B4 balancing.

Fuckers were true upon installation. Thats what good tapers and a proper lapping get you.


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