Monday, November 17, 2014

Ram Air?

Or Bullshit? I wanted to try it out on my sportster. So I hacked up a Heavy Breather I had laying around and made up a radius. Welded it together and hand finished it. 

So did it work? I put it on the dyno before we went to the track and it was down about 7-8% through the powerband. I don't know if it was weather related, if the motor was stronger when it was fresh, or because I had the slick mounted.
The bike ran nearly identical ET and MPH as it did a month or two earlier, actually a touch faster at 11.29.

So I don't think it hurt, but didn't see a significant gain there. More testing next season....

(Actual ram air probably doesn't occur until higher MPH)

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Mr. G said...

Dave will tell you otherwise. He's got a pretty serious claim against it.