Monday, July 14, 2014

One Wild Ride, Full Tilt 2014

We took off knowing our chances of getting wet were pretty high. We didn't know we where in for so many Thrills and Spills! It's a miracle we all made it safely. At one point it rained so hard you couldn't see your hand on the bars. We slid right down the hill into Baas' Acres and we really turning things up a notch. (Huge thanks to Kevin and Amy!!) I'm sure a lasting impression was had by all! Full Tilt Boogie!!

Top to Bottom:
Joe painting my fender Friday night
Calm before the Storm
Kevin's place
Amy dried our shirts
Kevin fed us beer
Jordan glad to be alive, sad to be out of gas
Toms pan
Slumlords barn find
Hot Bobby brings the sun
Mikes van!
Lil Joe shows up at the last minute and wins again! Plum Crazy!

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