Sunday, June 15, 2014

KnuckleShuffle 2014

Jordan's trip started out with a flat rear tire at 60 but he rode it out, got it fixed and it only set us back about an hour.

Which called for a little celebration

We stopped to visit Mary in Dodge.

Got our route figured out.

And after 5 hours of country back roads we were there!

This guys always wrecking shit and  he does it every year.

Brandon bet Jordan a million bucks it would start first kick, it did the whole trip. 

Numbers were a little down this year. My guess is the gloomy forecast scared most away. It never did rain on us, just a breif downpour on the way home.

That left more beer for us though!

Which eventually catches up to yah. Barbie rode her own bike and she can run with us anyday!

Make it three pizzas Kenny!

Take her for a spin Suzy.

It's always kind of depressing when it's over. 

But we laugh about all the good times for a year. Waiting to do it again! "It's for the kids!" -Teach

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