Tuesday, May 27, 2014

He Made It!!

I got a message at work today from Joe that said "ETA 3pm Jonnys" I scrambled to get all my work done to get down there to meet him. He went over 10,500 miles in 11 days. All 49 lower states, Canada and Alaska. Doorstep to Doorstep. He said it was just phenomenal. He is really bummed that his trip is over, said he is ready to go again. His Honda never missed a beat (he does all his own work, painting, etc)and he didn't get tickets, although he thinks they took his picture and will be sending one from one state. Canada was the best he said and his closest calls where with bear near Alaska. Sunshine, heat, wind, cold, rain, sleet and snow. He's done it all and lives to tell the tale!! 

That's Joe in the brown shirt! 

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